Proliant BSA In Asia: China Opens Door To NZ Bovine Blood

Proliant BSA In Asia: China Opens Door To NZ Bovine Blood

US-headquartered Proliant is one of 16 companies cleared to supply bovine blood products - including those used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing - from New Zealand to China after the latter granted access to its market last month.

While Proliant did not disclose specifics, a spokesperson told Biopharma-Reporter, "The Chinese approves these companies because they ahve all met the Chinese regulations for pharmaceutical and technical bovine blood products."

The spokesperson said that while Proliant sells BSA - which can be used in growth media for cell culture and bacteria, and as carriers and stabilizers for kits and vaccines - to Western companies, its Feilding facility will take this opportunity to ship to Chinese firms.

"With the Chinese border now open to Proliant New Zealand and its BSA, it is Proliant's goal to help support the continued growth of the Chinese diagnostic, life science, vaccine, and cell culture markets, among others."

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