Reserve/Hold Policy

Reserve/Hold Policy

As the global demand for high quality BSA increases, the need to more efficiently manage our operations and inventory becomes a higher priority. In an effort to improve both our response time and product availability, we are implementing a Reserve/Hold policy effective as of 7 June 2021. For those customers who need to pre-test and reserve specific lots, we are implementing this policy to provide adequate time for completion of acceptance testing while providing longer term reserve and storage services for those customers who need it at a reasonable cost.

View policy details below or download a copy here.

NOTE: Please advise all end-users of this policy.

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RESERVE/HOLD POLICY (Effective 7 June 2021)


  • For customers who require extended reserve holds for purpose of pre-testing and approval of specific lots.
  • In order to allocate lot reserves, a customer Purchase Order is required.
  • No charge for first 90 days. Communication with customer between 60-90 days to confirm if reserved lots will be purchased, released, or extended.
  • Extended reserves of >90 days will be charged as given below starting on the 1st of the following month. The % fee refers to total value of product on hold. Months below refer to extended storage period after first 90 days: 
    • 2% per month of total invoice value for months 4-6 (1st month prorated for number of days)
    • 3% per month of total invoice value for months 7-9
  • No reserves will be held longer than 9 months without prior approval and written agreement.
  • Line-item code for Extended Reserve PO is RHC - Reserve Product Hold Charge.
  • Invoicing will be done on a Quarterly basis or included with product shipments.


Please contact Proliant Biologicals sales or customer service if you have any questions.