Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to contact someone at Proliant?

There are two great ways to get hold of a representative at Proliant.  The easiest way is to simply submit a contact form on our contact page, or at the bottom of any page on the site.  You can also reach us directly by calling (515) 289-5170.


What is the right Proliant BSA for my needs?

While new applications for each of our BSA is being found on a regular basis, a brief application table can be found here.

Does Proliant offer small packaging sizes of BSA?

Yes, Proliant does offer small packages sizes of BSA.  Our BSA is offered in sizes ranging from 10g to 10kg.

Does Proliant use a third party distributor at all?

Yes, Proliant is partnered with VWR and Fisher Scientific to distribute small package sizes of BSA.  These products range in size from 10g to 1kg.

Animal Extracts

Are Proliant's Animal Extracts USDA Inspected?

Yes, all of Proliant's Animal Extracts are USDA Inspected.


Where are Proliant’s BSA manufacturing locations?

Proliant has two BSA manufacturing facilities.  One is located in Boone, Iowa USA.  The second facility is located in Feilding, New Zealand.

What is the Proliant "Closed Loop" manufacturing process?

The "Closed Loop" is in reference to our completely controlled BSA manufacturing system/process.  From the time the raw material is collected and placed into Proliant-owned tankers, to the moment it is loaded into the dryers, the product is never exposed to the external environment.