Lauridsen Advancement Building (L.A.B)

The Lauridsen Advancement Building (L.A.B) is a 21,000 square foot, multi-functional facility that includes our cell culture lab, research and development laboratories, and a fully equipped pilot plant and a research library. It is staffed with a team of scientists, and application research experts, and is located at our Headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa.

Using the facility, Proliant research professionals are responsible for developing and providing innovative solutions for all sectors of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, vaccine, IVD, and other specialty research markets.

ISIA Certified

Proliant has been awarded an International Serum Industry Association (ISIA) Tractability Certification.  The certification is only given to a companies and manufacturers who "maintain records of traceability of all stages in the supply chain for serum batches.  This includes auditable history of quality and quantity of materials from the point of collection (including specific animal identification for Donor Products), and documentation supporting all stages of processing and transporting or commercial transactions."