Proliant is the world's largest collector and processor of bovine blood and its derivatives, with unparalleled access to documented sources.  Our proprietary, Proliant-owned collection system and our modern, efficient manufacturing process ensures the highest level of control and availability.

"Closed Loop"

Proliant's "Closed Loop" Manufacturing process means that we collect only from exclusive abattoirs with our own proprietary collection system.  The material undergoes inspections to ensure it is the highest quality before it is loaded directly into our tankers.  


From the time our product enters our tankers, to the moment it is loaded into the dryers, the product is never exposed to the external environment. 

 Once the raw material reaches our cGMP plant, the material is loaded directly into our process and manufactured through a series of closed tanks, lines, filters and separation equipment.  In the plant, there are no exposed filter presses or open tanks, nor is any food grade or noxious solvent material introduced into the process.

For further information on Proliant's manufacturing process, please read the white paper titled "How Clean is Your BSA".