Bovine Serum Albumin

The World Leader In BSA Manufacturing

 We are the only manufacturer of BSA who utilizes USDA Edible Grade Plasma and controls the entire process, from collection, through transport and processing. Our computer-facilitated manufacturing employs a state-of-the-art, modern, efficient, closed system that closely parallels the environmental and process controls found in traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing.

As a result of the manufacturing process, our BSA continues to meet and exceed the exacting standards demanded by diagnostic, biopharmaceutical and research customers worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • High Purity, Typical 99% Pure - Low Interference, Low Background

  • Virtually No Detectable IgG, Endotoxin, Enzyme or Protease Activity - Ensures Assay Integrity, Component Stability and Cell Culture Suitability 

  • Origin Traceability - Facilitate Regulatory Approval

  • "Closed Loop" Manufacturing* - Virtually Eliminates the Possibility of Contamination and Maximizes Reproducibility

  • Superior Solubility/Filterability - Ease of Use

*Proliant's unique "Closed Loop" Manufacturing process means that we collect only from exclusive abattoirs with our own USDA approved proprietary collection system.