New Zealand Reagent Grade (Fatty Acid-Free)

Description (Cat. #69700)

Proliant's New Zealand Manufactured Reagent Grade (Fatty Acid-Free) is an ideal choice for the most sensitive cell culture and diagnostic systems.  These applications include, but are not limited to, protease-sensitive Immunoassays (RIA, EIA, etc.), cell culture systems and nucleic acid-based assays.

*New Zealand Reagent Grade (Fatty Acid-Free) is currently only available in 1kg & 10kg units.

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Highly soluble white to yellow with tan to green cast lyophilized powder. A solution of up to 30% in de-ionized water is clear to slightly hazy and virtually particulate-free.


Store sealed in a cool, dry environment for 4 years, and up to 5 years with re-qualification. 


New Zealand Standard Grade pH 7.0 PIB & SDS

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