BSA Solutions & Serums

Ultra-High Monomer BSA Solutions 

Proliant's Ultra-High Monomer BSA Solutions are specifically designed to improve the
performance of Bovine Serum Albumin in critical research and manufacturing reagents.
Proliant’s Ultra-High Monomer Solutions eliminate the presence of dimers that may interfere with antibody accessibility and lead to signal interference. These Solutions lead to improved blocking uniformity, increased sensitivity and consistent assay performance

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 600 liter lot sizes utilizing dedicated 0.2um filtered production tanks

  • Vessels were specifically designed for controlled heating, cooling and controlled mixing 

  • "Closed Loop" Manufacturing* - Virtually Eliminates the Possibility of Contamination and Maximizes Reproducibility

  • Automated CIP Systems

*Proliant's unique "Closed Loop" Manufacturing process means that we collect only from exclusive abattoirs with our own USDA approved proprietary collection system.