BSA Solutions & Serums

Critical research and manufacturing reagents demand bovine serum albumin that performs at a high level. Proliant BSA solutions are specifically designed to do just that, eliminating the presence of dimers that may interfere with antibody accessibility and lead to signal interference. This means improved blocking uniformity, increased sensitivity, and consistent assay performance on your most critical applications.

Find the ideal BSA solution for your application in this chart:

  Ultra-High Monomer Azide Preserved Salt Adjusted Caprylate Stabilized Fatty Acid Enhanced Cholesterol Enhanced Notes
 Standard Grade              
68040        O  
68060  O  O          Replacement for Boval CF-10
68080  O  O  O        Replacement for Boval CF-20
68090  O  O    O      Replacement for Boval CS-63
Fatty Acid Free               
68600  O            
68610    O        O  Direct replacement for MilliporeSigma MOD-U-CYTE®*
68650    O  O        


Not sure which of our BSA solutions is right for your application? Our team can provide custom formulations to meet the specifications required for your application. Reach out to the team through our contact form and get in touch!

*MilliporeSigma MOD-U-CYTE® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA.
**AlbuMAX® is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.